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Who We are

We are a leader in value-driven mechanised agricultural equipment solutions in Zimbabwe


Our vision is to provide agricultural equipment solutions through internationally acclaimed dominant brands.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the dominant player in the provision of value driven mechanised agricultural equipment solutions for all our stakeholders.

Business Summary

The Farmec brand in Zimbabwe is well known for providing high-quality, efficient products through high-quality, efficient people, systems and practices.

We are a truly global brand and closer to home, have represented Massey Ferguson as its Flagship for over 60 years here in Zimbabwe. Indeed, we are proud of our distinctive Zimbabwean footprint which enables every tractor and genset to receive the best in class service and support, resulting in low cost ownership and high resale value. We offer fully-established support, spares-provision and back-up services – a Zimbabwean leader in value driven, mechanised agricultural equipment solutions.

Our Values


We deliver quality in our service, react quickly and positively in our interaction with our stakeholders.


We act honestly and ethically.

Team work

We trust, support and motivate each other


We respect people for who they are.


With over 60 years serving the farming community, we leave great footprints in our business journey.